The Smart Goose and the Not Quite as Smart Dog

July 17th, 2014 | Author: Kitten |

    I’m gonna get you goose and duck! I’m gonna get you goose and… hey? Where’s goose? I see duck but no goose? Duck… no goose. Curious.

    YouTube Preview Image

    *Sorry for all the videos but you know how YouTube goes. You go to look for one video (which I haven’t even found yet) and wind up watching a million.

    • Katherine

      That is why I don’t venture on YouTube unless I receive a link to check out LOL This is hilarious. That’s a big white duck, though, not a goose :-) Not that it matters, of course.

    • Kitten

      Yes, you’re right! We don’t have big white ducks around here and only have Canada Geese so I forget sometimes that big white ducks exist!