My Cat Is Trying To Kill Me

July 14th, 2014 | Author: Kitten |

    As I’ve said, the Furry Fraser brood are great at staying where I can see then when they’re enjoying their outside time and I suppose Dewey was not breaking the stay where I can see you rule when he decided to do this…

    Cute dogs cats


    That white splotch on the branch – that’s my Dewey. After I got done having a minor heart attack, he very calmly climbed down, looking at me like I was insane. Mullet remained unmoved the entire time, waiting patiently for me to take his photo. So I did, naturally.

    Cute dogs cats


    Cute dogs cats

    De Niro

    Sometimes with the cat craziness poor De gets lost in the shuffle. Not today. While I was certain Dewey was going to fall into the pond (which Mullet actually did the other day but did from the shore), De Niro rushed over to let me know she was ready and willing to help… as long as it didn’t involve actually doing anything.

    • Katherine

      That is a gorgeous space you have there with the pond and that majestic tree! It would indeed be a pity not to let them out. My garden is somewhat similar except for the pond and there are no big trees, but I am too afraid to let them out on their own, and don’t have enough time to supervise them. Anyway, De Niro is adorable and that is a perfect name!!

    • Wanda

      Luckily, my husband not only works from home but he does most of his work outside so he has lots of time to keep an eye on the babes. When I’m home, I spend most of my time with them as well and they’ve gotten used to coming in with me when it starts getting dark.

    • Katherine

      That’s great. I work from home too, but not outside since I’m sitting at the computer all the time :-) I managed to set up a small enclosure for the cats outside a window and a few of them love to sit there in the fresh air.