Kitten’s Kittens: Dewey And Mullet

June 25th, 2014 | Author: Kitten |
    Cute cats

    Mullet Relaxing

    As some of you know, Mr. Mullet has had a rough go of it. He was only a few months old when an infection forced an emergency trip to the vet and just a few weeks ago, his incision from his neutering started bleeding and he had to be rushed to the vet again. Even so, he remains the happiest, most loving cat I’ve ever been fortunate enough to share my life with. This is how he sleeps on my lap – curled up on his back with his tongue stuck out. I was lucky enough to get a photo of it this time. Sometime in the near future, we’re sharing the gift of our little Mullet by taking him to nursing homes to visit with the elderly people who love animals. He has the perfect temperament for it. I’ll try to get some photos to share.

    Cute cats

    Dewey Outside

    Now, we have Mr. Mullet’s darling brother, Dewey. I love this photo. He looks so pretty back there in the grass. This is by a little stream in our yard where it’s nice and cool for him to hang out during the day. He’s a much more independent boy than his brother. While Mullet cries if he can’t hear or see me, Dewey is a little more happy to explore although he never goes far and always come back as soon as we call for him. Although we do technically leave them outside alone, they’re never entirely unsupervised. I don’t think I made that clear last time I wrote about them and I don’t want people to worry. We always keep an eye on them as we would children. If they get out of sight, we bring them back. Although I’m not sure why, keeping them inside for a full year before letting them out really seems to make a big difference. Seeing them enjoying their time outside during the daylight hours (they’re always back in the house by dark, whether they want to come in or not) has made for some of my happiest memories so far with my babies. Do remember though, outside kitties are not for everyone. If you live on a busy road, I would recommend only taking your kitty outside if you have a leash and have trained him or her to behave on a leash. I am very far from the roads in my area and have a huge field where they can run and play. Think of your kitty’s safety first. While I think fresh air is important, it isn’t important enough to risk your cat’s life.

    • Katherine

      These are lovely pictures and a reassuring story. I wish all pet owners were as responsible as you are. I used to live far from roads but my cats still had accidents so now they are being kept inside. Just this morning I had an enclosure put up but I couldn’t get it close enough to the house for them to go in and out so it needs more work! But I’ll get it done before the end of the summer so they can enjoy fresh air like they did in the previous house. I won’t get into that now, though ;-)

    • Wanda

      I bet that’ll be great for them!

    • Katherine

      I was just mentioning the new little cat enclosure next to a window, that some of them love. I find them there every morning :-)