Not So Brief Update

May 14th, 2014 | Author: Kitten |

    Sorry friends. I know it’s been ages and ages but life has gotten busy. The boys, Mullet and Dewey have now been neutered and have taken their first steps outside. Or at least Dewey has. My dear, sweet Mullet has decided he’d rather be an inside kitty. Dewey, on the other hand, loves the big, wide world… even if he only loves it when I’m outside to watch him play.

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    Mullet finds this comfortable…

    I know the photo above has nothing to do with anything but that’s how Mullet sleeps on my lap and I thought it was too cute not to share. The little bugger just melts my heart. Now, on with the news.

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    Dewey and Mullet see snow for the first time.

    I was against the idea of letting the kitties outside because the world is a big scary place and these boys might as well be my own babies. Then this happened. It had been snowing all day but the kitties were sleeping so when they went to look out the window as they normally do upon waking up, they saw the world had turned white. It was still snowing and they sat there watching the snowflakes fall for almost half an hour. I knew these were not kitties that would be their happiest indoors and I believe it’s my job as a pet owner to give them the happiest lives they can have. It was decided that we would get them neutered (perhaps making their lives a little less happy but I refuse to contribute to unwanted kittens being born and I don’t think I could handle any more than the four cats I have) and let them out when they were a year old if they chose to go out.

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    Can we really come out? For serious?

    Of course, we didn’t make it to quite a year. Mullet and Dewey don’t officially turn 1 until May 24th but we wanted to let them out a little early. It just seemed like the right time. As you may be able to tell by the wide eyes in the photo above, the kitties weren’t entirely convinced they were actually allowed outside. Mullet was the least excited, hunkering down by the door and not exploring in the least. Dewey, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to check everything out. He was the first off the deck and he wasn’t wasting any time putting his flea treatments to the test as he rolled around in the grass.

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    Mr. Dewey

    I’m not at all surprised that Mr. Dewey is the little explorer he is, even if he only explores when his humans are close by. He’s a very nervous, skittish kitty that is very unsure of people, except, of course, his people. Out of all the cats, Dewey most takes after his father, Mookie. Mookie was always curious about the outdoors and wanted to go out as soon as he was old enough to see out the windows. Dewey was the same way. He wanted to be outside chasing the snowflakes instead of chasing them behind glass. I was sure Mullet would be just as curious as he’s always running to the door as soon as it’s opened. Turns out, I was a little wrong.

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    Mullet the Cautious

    It’s not really that Mullet doesn’t like the outdoors. He eventually hopped down on the deck and did a little sniffing around but when it was time to go back inside, there was no coaxing involved. The door opened and he ran back into his house. And make no mistake – it is Mullet’s house. The rest of it just get to live there because Mullet lets us. Today, Dewey has gone out every time someone goes in or out. Mullet? Meh. He’s bored by all of it. If I had to guess, I’d guess Mullet will go out for some air on the deck sometimes but the exploring? Nah. He’ll leave that to his brother. Mullet has far too much laying around to get done to waste time on sniffing grass and chasing leaves.

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    Queen Steve

    The biggest surprise for me, however, was Queen Steve. We’ve had our Mama kitty for five years and she has never shown even the tiniest bit of interest in the outside world. Now that she’s been spayed though, we decided we’d take her out on the deck and see how she felt about it – get her a little fresh air at least. We figured she’d be scared and would opt to go right back inside but we didn’t feel it was fair to give the boys a choice and not her. We were so wrong. Steve, as it turns out, loved the outside. She wasn’t as curious and playful as Dewey but she definitely enjoyed her time, opting to stay on the deck but happy all the same.

    And now, just a quick note about some other things. I know it’s been a while since a new post has gone up but I’m working a new job and I’m working a whole heck of a lot. It’s nice in one respect as I was able to get the boys neutered and was able to get flea treatments for all the kitties but it’s also making it hard to post. I hope you’ll be a bit patient with me as I try to find my rhythm. I promise, it’ll go back to being The Daily Cute and not the Kinda Infrequent Cute soon.

    Also, if you’re worrying about Daddy Mookie, he’s doing great but for some reason, my phone is refusing to release any more pictures. The next post I do, I’ll try to have some Mookie pictures for you. Assuming technology cooperates!

    Final “Oops I Forgot” update: I did look at the Clydesdale photo and for some reason, it’s just not there at all, hence it not showing. I must’ve done something wrong when I posted it and didn’t realize it. I’ll pull the post and try to find another, similar photo next week. Thanks for calling my attention to it. I likely would’ve missed it.

    • Katherine

      Wonderful story that makes up for the long wait! But do be very careful when they go outside. I have had too many bad experiences, even in a place in the middle of fields with no traffic. So I do not let them out at all, even though I now have a humongous garden. I will be building an outside enclosure so they can enjoy the fresh air.

    • Kitten

      Oh yes, I definitely understand that. We don’t let them out unless someone can be keeping an eye on them. I have had a lot of bad experiences as well and I’m hyper paranoid about something bad happening to one of my babies. These are the only kids I’ll ever have so I tend to be very protective – although I can’t always protect them from everything. My poor little Mullet went in for his neutering last Friday but due to the fact that he was “well endowed” things were a little tricky. The day before yesterday – a week after the surgery – I noticed a little blood by his tail. Then a lot. I called our veterinarian immediately and he told me to bring him in first thing in the morning. When the bleeding got worse still, I called back. Unfortunately, due to the location of the wound, there wasn’t a lot my vet could do that night so he told us to keep Mullet quiet in his cat carrier to prevent him from injuring himself worse. This did not go as planned. Despite the fact that he was bleeding heavily, the little guy didn’t seem to realize anything was wrong at all. He was still all bright eyed and bushy tailed with loads of energy which did not make keeping him quiet in his cat carrier easy. At a little before 3 a.m. my wonderful vet called back and told us he would come to us and bring a sedative to help keep Mullet calm and also take a look at the injury. Unfortunately, the sedative didn’t do a whole lot and Mullet spent most of the night scratching at his carrier. The next morning, Mullet was still bleeding so I rushed him straight to the clinic. Despite having a waiting room full of patients (non-emergencies), my vet (my hero) took my in immediately and checked him out. The bleeding wasn’t as bad as it had been but it was still significant. He checked his gums for paleness and his vitals and sure enough – still healthy as ever, aside from the fact that he was bleeding. Barry gave him a stronger sedative and told us to keep him in the carrier again, promising that this dose should keep him calm and happy. We were barely home when Mullet was sleeping soundly. I checked on him throughout the day although being careful not to disturb him. He was certainly still but there was really nothing we could do but wait. This morning? No new blood and Mullet is pretty much back to normal. He’s still a little groggy and we’re still making him take it easy but he’s out of the carrier, eating, drinking and strolling around like nothing happened at all. Unfortunately, we don’t really know what happened to make the bleeding stop. The only thing I can think of is a small tiff he got in with his mother. Barry believes Mullet has a clotting disorder and this disorder may have led to the wound not healing properly after his neutering. If he re-injured it, even a little bit, the blood would’ve kept coming, especially since Mullet was still running around. This, however, means we have to be especially careful with little Mullet – maybe including only leashed trips outside. We’re still talking with the vet about our options but we’re just happy to have him back.

    • Kitten

      And also – new posts tomorrow including a family of ducks in our pond! (12 babies – the most babies we’ve ever had at one time!)